I wear the title of creative entrepreneur proudly, and while I consider myself to be super creative, like others in this arena, I sometimes struggle with staying organized. I’m relying now more than ever on online tools to help manage my business, calendar and processes.

Having the rights tools in your arsenal can mean everything for keeping your business – and life, running smoothly.  I’ve talked to friends and colleagues, test drove a few new applications and highlighted a few of my tried and true favorites tools for keeping organized.


Everyone is talking about Trello, and there are good reasons why. Trello is a card-based organization tool (think Pinterest meets project management). Each Trello card represents an assignment or task. Add notes, assignments and attachments to each board. Trello is terrific for collaborations of all types.

Another card based app, Kanbanchi is an app that is great for small and large teams alike. Easy to use, visual and great for managing multiple projects. Plus, it easily integrates with Google Drive.

Evernote is the go-to app for creating and managing notes of all kinds. Capture lists, brainstorms and access them on all  your devices. Share and collaborate with team members and friends.

To do list out of control? Wunderlist will tame it. Features include reminders, collaboration tools and folders to help keep everything organized. Cherie White of Click Digital Media says “The app helps me stay organized and on schedule whether I’m on my desktop or working remotely.”

Ever feel like you are spending too much time or not making enough money on your freelance projects? Freckle is a premium app that helps you track your time,  so you can figure out which projects are the most profitable. It will even help you figure out how accurate your forecasting is identify and manage unbillable hours.

What’s your favorite tool? Drop it in the comments.