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It was the busiest year my business had ever had, and it was the worst…

I’d gotten a bunch of new clients, and was working on projects that these were bigger and better paying than I’d had in the past. I was still working full-time, but it was much easier to see a clear path to my ultimate goal of self-employment.

There was just one problem — I was miserable.

Now that I can reflect on that period, I realized there were many things that I was doing right. I’d learned how to keep a steady flow of new clients coming in, I was good at managing those projects, and after many years of learning my craft and freelancing, I knew I had achieved a level of expertise and skill regarding the work that I was doing.

But still, I was miserable. First, I was working around the clock. I found myself scared that the next ding of my email would send me in a tailspin. I was tired, exhausted and creatively drained. My anxiety levels were off the hook. If this was what self-employment was going to look like, I wanted no part of it.

I knew some things had to change. I couldn’t deal with crazy client demands and still feel a sense of balance and peace. Ultimately, my biggest goal was to have more time for my family. But me being drained and having to crack open my laptop for the entire weekend was the exact opposite of what I wanted.

Basically, I wanted to be happy.

I learned some important lessons from that period. I learned how to trust my instincts regarding clients – even if my client pre-screening activities led me to believe they might be a good fit. I learned how to prioritize my health and fitness over my work. Most importantly, I learned to stop equating hard work with success, but instead, I focus on what I call happy work.

It’s not always easy.

Sometimes it’s lonely. I work by myself and while I love solitude – occasionally I found myself talking to the walls.

My peer group can be limited. There aren’t that many people who truly get what I do.

The occasional client issue still arises. While I’ve learned to attract and work with people I like, sometimes there are still client communication issues that can be a challenge.

My life is really different now.

I’ve worked with amazing clients from all over the world.

I set my own days and hours and spend more time with my family.

I get to work on fun projects like this one.

A few years ago when I started the Happy Solopreneur, I had a vision of sharing my journey with others and offering resources to make this road of entrepreneurship a little less bumpy for the next person.
I hope you’ll follow along.

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