A few weeks ago, I started teaching a college class that covers design basics and other foundational skills for design students. The class also includes teaching the students creativity. Preparing a lesson on creativity is hard! How do you talk about creativity? How do you teach it to others? Ughh.

I began to think about my own work in the design and marketing field and also some of the projects I have been creating lately. While all my projects are fine, I don’t know that they represent my most creative work. And that’s ok –  I know every project won’t necessarily meet that standard. It’s so easy to get in the rhythm of producing projects in a systematic way, and not applying a lot of creative thought to them. So I have decided to make a concerted effort to add more creativity into to add more creativity to my life and work over the next several months. I’ve done some research and read a lot in the field of creativity and here’s what I have come up with.

Be a fish out of water
Engaging with new people and things gets you out of your comfort zone and stimulates new thoughts, ideas and new ways of thinking. According to an article by on Nadia Goodman on Entreprenuers.com, “Bold choices that disrupt the status quo fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. ”

Take on a fun project
Whether it’s a personal project or pro bono work, taking on a project which has looser requirements may allow you to push your creative boundaries. Check out Catchafire.com for opportunities to donate professional services to non-profit organizations.

Engage in meditation or mindful relaxation
Allowing the mind some time to go inside can tap into different parts of the brain. Chopra.com offers several techniques for using meditation as a tool for creative breakthroughs.

Get in touch with your inner kid
I’m currently packing a toolkit so that I have supplies with me to play with whenever I have a free moment, this includes a sketching pad, markers, and pens so that it’s easy for me to doodle, take notes and jot down ideas.

Please join me and let me know your best ideas for fueling your creative spark. Let me know how it goes.