Remix: Your Guide to Creating and Mixing Online Content to Build Your Brand (Digital E-book)


60 pages of practical ideas and proven tools to help you create and produce content for your website, blog and social media presence.

Does coming up with content for your blog or website seems like an unmanageable task? Do you have ideas for blog posts, but they never get written? Do you struggle with coming up with things to post about? This e-book will help you:

  • Create a manageable plan for creating content
  • Generate endless ideas for blog posts, social media and email
  • Reuse, and re-purpose content the smart way
  • Make planning and producing content fun and painless
  • Crank out content even when you are super busy

Includes tips for creating emails, producing video, and managing content for visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.
This is an instant digital download. Print edition is available here.

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