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Start Your Graphic Design Career




If you have thought about pursuing a career as a graphic designer, but not sure where to start, this class will give you both a career outlook and an overview of foundational concepts in the graphic design industry. In this two-hour course, we will cover both an overview of the profession, educational paths, tools and software, and cover a broad range of topics related to getting started in the design profession.

This class is suitable for high school, college students embarking on a new career, those interested in pursuing design as a part time or side career and adults interested in changing careers.

The prospect of starting a new career can be terrifying, so in this course I will walk you through need to know information that will help you feel confident about  your career choice.

In part 1 of this course we will cover:

  • Introduction
  • Professional outlook
  • Educational paths
  • Career Paths
  • What makes a great designer?
  • Design areas and disciplines
  • Design aptitude and creative thinking
  • Technical skills and software
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Gaining experience

In part 2 we will cover:

  • Design aptitude
  • Design influences
  • Design history
  • Design fundamentals
  • Color
  • Typography
  • A typical project

This video will give you an overview:


This class is provided as part of a grant through Fulton County Arts and Culture