Being a small business owner can be hard. So we are always on the lookout for tools, apps and ideas to help simplify day-to-day life so you can focus on the more important things. Here are a few things that we are loving right now.

1. I once was lost…
Lost keys? Lost phone? Feel like you are constantly finding one item, just to lose another? Orbit has a solution. Locate your most important (and often misplaced) devices with bluetooth-enabled technology that you can make ring when items are lost. Bonus: wireless device remote can also take a selfie.

2. Spark some magic
All hard-working entrepreneurs deserve a little treat. Spark Hustle Grow’s Monthly’s subscription boxes are tailored especially for female entrepreneursand full of awesome treats, tools and resources.

3. Bossing made easy
Looking for a way to start a business but need a little help? Try the Bossy Grl app, a fun way for girls and young women to start a business. Upload logos and products, open a storefront,  and get expert advice—all from your phone.

4. Doodle to the cloud
If you are a doodler like me, there is finally an easy way to digitize your drawings and notes. Bamboo Folio from Wacom allows you to write naturally on paper and then store your drawings to the cloud.

5. Smart growth
Everyone knows plants liven up any workspace, but not all of us have green a green thumb (side-eying my sad windowsill plants). The Smart Garden makes sure your plants have enough water, light and nutrients.

Got a tech tool or resource you can’t live without? Drop us a line!